SHORTS interview: Pelle Moeller (MAKE MY DAY)

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SHORTS….and to the point!

Pelle Moeller (MAKE MY DAY)

Any number of cinematic bad guys and ruffians have been taught a lesson by Clint Eastwood’s characters. However, when the father in Pelle Moeller’s comedy short MAKE MY DAY uses Eastwood’s film persona as a signature teaching point and role model for his son, he misses the point by a wide margin.  And in a charming display of “from the mouths of babes”, his little boy gets to deliver a message that would’ve made ‘Dirty Harry’ proud.

Why is Clint Eastwood the iconic touchstone for both the father and the son?

Mr.Eastwood is somebody they both look up to. They want to be like him (but they aren’t). And instead of talking feelings they use Mr. Eastwood as a role model.

You filmed MAKE MY DAY in two days. What took so long?
I felt that time was flying … Man, it was tough – because I also wanted the “Clint-isms” to work (the lighting and all).

Let’s pretend you could have cast your film from Clint Eastwood movies. Which character would Eli Wallach (THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY) have played in the film? And which character would have been played by the orangutan (EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE)?
Eli Wallach should be the doctor and the orangutan … I don’ t know. Maybe it should have been the director.

What will happen in the feature-length sequel to MAKE MY DAY?

it’ s not going to be a feature. But maybe the father and son would go to America in search of Mr. Eastwood. Hopefully they’ll meet him in person (I would love to meet Mr. Eastwood – that’ s for sure!)

MAKE MY DAY screens as part of SHORTS PROGRAM 2 at 7:30PM Tuesday, April 1 @ Landmark’s Magnolia 5 and at 4:00PM Thursday, April 2 @ Landmark’s Magnolia 3