SHORTS…and to the point! Trevor Anderson (THE ISLAND)

Posted in Uncategorized by johnwildman on March 25, 2009

Trevor Anderson’s short films that have played at both AFI FEST and AFI DALLAS the past two years, ROCK POCKETS and CARPET DIEM were clever applications of Anderson’s wit and animated musing. As droll and smart as those films are, they now stand as a warm up for his latest short, THE ISLAND. There are few things better than liking someone’s work and then seeing it leap forward. And that’s what happens here. Anderson takes a disturbing homophobic hate e-mail (suggesting that he and all the other gay men be sent to an island where they should give each other AIDS) as an inspiration to create something so unexpected and so telling as to his wonderful nature that it obliterates any relevance the thought or the writer behind it ever might have clung to. His “idea”, mind boggling as it may seem is to agree with the e-mail and then – before you have a chance to condemn him as insane, to whimsically turn the entire idea on its pointy little hate-filled head.

Was the e-mail that inspired THE ISLAND a rarity or was it the one in a series that “broke the camel’s back”?

Thankfully, it was unique. I live in a pretty loving bubble, so to receive that kind of hate mail was like waking up and finding part of an ancient cold war satellite on my lawn.

Describe the process of pairing the live action you with the animated “fantasy” island?

I went to a place in Northern Alberta called Cold Lake with my Director of Photography and a Steadicam Operator. We just shot me six ways to Sunday walking across the ice, then came back to the city and looked at the footage with the animators, discussed, the editor put together a skeleton, and we jazzed it all in from there. Watching the film now, I forget the experience of trudging, bundled, across that frozen lake in what was actually (surprise!) hot sun. (P.S. It was spring and the lake was starting to melt… couple of dodgy moments with the Steadicam rig!)

I can’t imagine that your approach (however darkly humorous you might describe it) to look at the “bright side” of an island where all the gay men would be sent to give each other AIDS would ever be expected or even “appreciated” by anyone in the gay community. So, what has the reaction been like so far?
So far, so good! Luckily us fags, like most people, like to laugh.

Of all the jobs they could be trained for – gorilla masseurs?
Well, monkey butlers was taken.

Honestly, will you feel a little empty inside if next year rolls around and you don’t have a film at AFI FEST or AFI DALLAS?


What will happen in the feature-length sequel to THE ISLAND?

Global warming. But don’t worry. The lesbians will save us.

THE ISLAND screens as part of SHORTS PROGRAM ONE Friday, March 27 at 9:00PM @ Magnolia 3 and Saturday, March 28 at 12:00PM @ Magnolia 3.


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