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Jordan Galland’s ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE UNDEAD is one of those ideas for a movie that can go one of three ways: Moment of wild inspiration is never acted upon because it’s just too ridiculous, the script is written and the movie is made and everyone wonders what the hell they were thinking in the first place, or the “it’s just so crazy it might work” idea turns out to be just that. The nearly everything but the kitchen sink horror comedy about a 2000 year old conspiracy involving Shakespeare, vampires and the Holy Grail entertains and gets the silly laughs. But one of the primary reasons that it all works is because of the grounding presence of Jake Hoffman as a young theatre director sucked (yes, pun intended) into a web of vampirific intrigue. Deadpan is the only thing that can save him and he definitely knows how to use it.

How did you become involved with the film?

I’m old friends with Jordan. He asked me to do the table reading and afterwards he said ‘wanna do it?’. I was just relieved he was talking about the movie.

Have you ever had any real involvement in the New York theater world?

Recently I did my first play, “Christmas Present” By Amy Herzog, part of the EST’s 30th annual marathon of one act plays.

For a modestly budgeted indie-film, your fellow cast members of ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE UNDEAD are an eclectic collection of names (Devon Aoki, Ralph Macchio, John Ventimiglia, Jeremy Sisto, Polina Frantsena among them). Did you ever look around during crew meals and have a thought toward the relative randomness of it?
Hmm. I think about the randomness of life all the time. And I grew up loving Ralph’s movies, so that was pretty cool.

Your character in the film not only can claim Devon Aoki as an ex-girlfriend, but he also has a parade of beautiful actresses finding their way to his bed. Did that scenario make the job more fun or did it just add to the challenge of pulling off a role as a “lothario”?
I guess I thought of him less as lothario and more of a lost romantic. But to answer your question, it was fun.

You seem to have a natural affinity for the dead pan. Where do you think that comes from?

I’m not sure but appreciate the compliment.

Seriously, do you think that Jordan just made up that story about meeting Tom Stoppard?

I think Tom Stoppard made up the story about meeting Jordan, and Jordan doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. Jordan’s a nice guy.

Rumor has it you were spinning records at LA Fashion Week. If so, can you give us one of your go-to no-doubt-about-it song mixes?

I DJ as a hobby sometimes. Actually, when Jordan comes to hang out and hear me spin, I usually pay homage/embarrass him by playing some vintage Dopo Yume.

A lot of people in the film had to work with the fangs. Give us the scoop: who struggled with it and who were naturals?

John Ventimiglia was really convincing. I’m still a little freaked out.

ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE UNDEAD screens Friday, March 27 at 10:15PM @ NorthPark 3 and Sunday, March 29 at 4:15PM @ Magnolia 4.

Jake Hoffman will attend the first screening and participate in a Q&A afterwards.


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