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Chris Dowling’s ROCK SLYDE is the kind of comedy that screams guilty pleasure at you. Until you’ve seen it. Then – if you favor the silly and absurd, you discover you can tuck those presumptions of guilt away. The film stars Patrick Warburton as a hard-bitten and disaffected private eye who personifies the term “his own agenda” caught up in a dubious case courtesy of a sultry Rena Sofer while he fights an office space turf war with a bizarre Scientology-esqe religion led by a frustrated spiritual leader played by Andy Dick. (Now you can take a breath.) Dowling seems to have never met a gag, gimmick or pun he didn’t like and if the first one doesn’t do it for you…well, it will be mere seconds before the next one is fired away. In the middle of all the self-referential craziness is Elaine Hendrix as the faithful and plucky secretary of Warburton’s private eye character with a talent for making the coffee that makes his life worth living. It is the logic of this film that her loss to the clutches of Dick’s cult leader becomes the thing that sends everything off-kilter. Well, to be fair – even more off-kilter, than it already was.

Did you draw on any real /former life experiences running an office for your role?

When I was a little girl I spent A LOT of time at both of my parent’s offices.  Then when I got older I had a few office jobs. I didn’t even think about this aspect for Judy, so I guess that shows how familiar I am with them.

Do you think if it was presented without an irony that Bartology could actually find some followers in LA?

Are you kidding?  I’ve already made a million dollars with my Hollywood chapter alone…and gained 20 pounds.  We’ll be branching out into the Valley pretty soon.

Since you began your career as a dancer, do you harbor any dreams to ever doing a musical or at the least, dance in a film?
Absolutely!  I set an intention for that this year, as a matter of fact.  I also sing, so to be creative with all three (acting, dancing and singing) would be a dream!

Did your cat Goodie Cornbread get a producer credit on your film GOOD INTENTIONS?

No, but he became the CEO of my production company. All the kibbles he wants. Only problem is that he’s not so good at holding up his end of the workload. A lot of calls and emails go unreturned.

Describe the difference in Andy Dick crazy versus Molly Shannon crazy.
Wow. GREAT question. I won’t say which one is which, but one is more of an “act” and one is a little more “real.”  They are both immensely talented and good friends.

How much running did you actually have to do for the film?

Well, considering I’m a serious method actor, once ‘Judy’ got kidnapped I was like ‘Forrest Gump’ – I just ran and ran and ran. They could barely get me to sit still for my lines. Bartology is hardcore. (See me about membership.)

If there were a cookie that could have the hypnotic side effects that Bartology cookies have, what kind of cookie (flavor) would it have to be?
The ones they had were pretty tasty.  (Of course, on low budget films you’re just happy they have food and will eat almost anything.) Given a choice -I’m a chocolate gal, myself.

Seriously, with that last name – How much pressure is there to play the guitar?

Phone calls are the best because I totally get away with claiming I’m his daughter. I don’t play, but I BBQ a mean Stratocaster.

ROCK SLYDE screens Tuesday, March 31 at 10:30PM @ Magnolia 5 and Wednesday, April 1 at 4:30PM @ NorthPark.7.

Elaine Hendrix will attend both screenings and participate in Q&As afterwards.


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