World Research Foundation presents L.A. Premiere of MARY PICKFORD documentary

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LOS ANGELES, CA August 11, 2009 – The World Research Foundation announces an exclusive benefit gala presentation of Nicholas Eliopoulos’s documentary MARY PICKFORD, THE MUSE OF THE MOVIES at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater on Friday, August 28, 2009.

The event will mark both the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of Pickford’s film career and the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of The World Research Foundation. Attended by both the producer/director, Nicholas Eliopoulos, producer Elizabeth Wood Coldicutt, as well as the film’s narrator Michael York, the film presentation will be proceeded by a VIP reception including a silent auction and introduction by the filmmakers. The gala screening will be the film’s Los Angeles premiere.

LaVerne Boeckmann, Co-Founder of The World Research Foundation said, “Nicholas has been a longtime friend and supporter of The World Research Foundation, so it will be a special occasion to both celebrate his wonderful film while raising awareness and funds to continue the vital service that WRF provides.”

Eliopoulos agreed, saying “I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce the film to Los Angeles than with gala at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which Mary Pickford, herself, was instrumental in founding so many years ago.”

MARY PICKFORD, THE MUSE OF THE MOVIES traces the life and work of the legendary film star, businesswoman and movie pioneer. Pickford’s life (1892-1979) also parallels the birth of cinema itself. Pickford co-created United Artists Studios, spearheaded the founding of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, as well as established the Motion Picture Retirement Home.

Known as “America’s Sweetheart”, Pickford was the first actress to earn one million dollars, and the only star to ever receive a 50% share of her movies. She was also the first actor to have their name placed on the Cinema’s marquee along with the film’s title. Pickford was the first actress to win an Academy Award® for Best Actress in a “sound” motion picture for her performance in COQUETTE (1929). In 1976, she was presented with a second Oscar for her humanitarian work.

The documentary traces Pickford’s extraordinary life through restored vintage audio recordings allowing Pickford to “narrate” her own story along with actor Michael York. Classic film clips, rare home movies, and interviews with Adoph Zukor (founder of Paramount Studios), Amelia Earhart, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Lillian Gish, and Buddy Rogers, as well as the only interview ever given by Pickford’s daughter, Roxanne Rogers Monroe, give the viewer an in-depth look at the life of a remarkable film legend and the early world of American cinema. MARY PICKFORD, THE MUSE OF THE MOVIES has recently been picked up by Here Media/Here Films for worldwide distribution.

Presented in cooperation with Pat and Michael York, Nicholas Eliopoulos and the Caroline Victoria Coldicutt Arts Foundation, proceeds (via donation) from the gala event will benefit The World Research Foundation. With worldwide locations including California, Arizona and Stuttgart Germany, the World Research Foundation serves as a repository for all health information from traditional and non-traditional sources. In the last 25 years, the World Research Foundation has helped over 500,000 people

WRF provides all information that is available worldwide for the requesters particular health concern. The information encompasses various health therapies and technologies, from ancient times to the present, which may have been overlooked, unavailable, or in limited use in the United States. The information is collected and disbursed in an unbiased, neutral and independent manner.

Reservations for the gala premiere of MARY PICKFORD, THE MUSE OF THE MOVIES can be made by calling 310.827.0070 or online at The charitable donation is $75.00 per seat.

Additional information on The World Research Foundation can be found at


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