Santa Fe Film Festival Announces Michael Hare and Rose Kuo Co-Executive Directors

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SANTA FE, NM, January 20, 2009 – The Santa Fe Film Festival has announced the selection of Michael Hare and Rose Kuo as Co-Executive Directors of the Festival succeeding Founder and Executive Director, Jon Bowman, whose retirement from the Festival was announced late last year.

Commenting on the selections of Hare and Kuo, Tom Maguire, Santa Fe Film Festival Chairman of the Board, said “The Santa Fe Film Festival has enjoyed much success over the course of its ten year history and we are proud of what we have built with this event. We feel strongly that this team is particularly suited to take the festival to an even higher level.”

Santa Fe resident, Hare is Managing Director of Mojo Raid Entertainment II, having created MARTIN LAWRENCE PRESENTS: THE 1ST AMENDMENT, a stand-up television series entering its fifth season on Starz and has been responsible for all facets of multi-million dollar production, distribution, and licensing relationships with Starz, Starz Media, and Anchor Bay Entertainment. He is also the founder of i2five entertainment, LLC, a Santa Fe, New Mexico-based production company with several film and television projects in various stages of development.

Hare said, “During his ten years of extraordinary dedication to the festival, Jon Bowman has created an invaluable asset for this community. I look forward to working with Rose, the board, and the community at large to build on this legacy and take the festival forward. I also want to thank Operations Director Karen RedHawk Dallet for her tremendous effort over the past year in establishing such a strong foundation for the future. I am thrilled to be teaming up with someone as accomplished and respected in the festival world as Rose.”

Rose Kuo, AFI FEST’s Artistic Director for the last three years, brings a wealth of experience in leading film festivals as well as film production.  The architect of AFI’s successful “free festival” in 2009, Kuo is widely credited with the critical turnaround of AFI FEST.  In December 2009, the International Film Festival Summit honored her with its prestigious IFFS Excellence Award. Kuo has worked for Mill Valley, San Francisco and Santa Barbara film festivals, as well as renowned directors such as Michael Mann, Paul Schrader and Martin Scorsese.

Kuo said, “Fred Roos and Val Kilmer —both big champions of the Santa Fe Film Festival—introduced me to the event and the town. The beauty of the architecture and the land, the warm and supportive residents and a festival infused with a regional heritage provide the perfect setting for a wonderful film viewing experience that audiences and filmmakers love. I am excited to work with someone as talented and enthusiastic as Michael and we are both eager to get started on a new chapter for the festival.”

The 11th edition of The Santa Fe Film Festival will take place in October of this year. Additional information can be found at


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  1. John Morley said, on August 17, 2010 at 11:41 am

    Good thing that arrogant wanker Bowman is finally out the door…I’ve heard some pretty shocking things about how that guy has ripped off filmmakers in the past.

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